Once again I am contacting you with regards to the total lack of interest of Trafford Borough Council in resolving the lack of any residents parking facilities in and around Primrose Avenue.

Rather than making concerted efforts to afford residents a solution they continue to issue parking tickets to residents routinely.

They have granted planning permission for three four bedroom houses which even with their off-road parking, still impacts on parking spaces available.

Add to this commuter traffic (using train station), local workers, shoppers etc. Where are we to park even to unload?

Trafford borough council have totally ignored the everyday needs of existing residents.

We are paying an unacceptable price for Trafford’s aspirations of an up and coming middle class area. As a family of five in full time employment and working unsocial hours when are Trafford going to acknowledge our existence and afford us a safe environment to go about of lives.?

Wandering alone the streets of Urmston early morning and late at night because we can’t park anywhere near to our home is unsafe.

Kate Green, MP, has been made aware of the situation but to date made no progress whatsoever. All we want is a minimum of two permits per household. It’s not a lot to ask and would bring Primrose Avenue in line with the rest of Trafford’s parking permit arrangements.

Karen Nixon