I read Roy Willcock’s letter in last week’s Messenger with interest.

He is correct that the standard of driving appears to have been in the decline for many years.

A huge reduction in traffic policing numbers over the past 20 years has obviously had a detrimental effect on this.

However, to berate others who commit traffic offences in one sentence and then complain that the police are prosecuting motorists for speeding in the next sentence seems a bit silly.

Speeding is one of the fatal six and its enforcement is important.

Mr Wilcock is possibly not aware that many offences traditionally enforced by the police, such as waiting offences (yellow lines) were decriminalised by the government in the early 2000s.

The police are no longer able to prosecute such offences.

And I can ensure him that every time a police officer activates their emergency equipment it is not in an attempt to disturb the peace but to ensure their and the public’s safety while they travel to a potentially serious incident.

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