Nigel Powell's letter concerning Stamford Park Schools,highlights a couple of issues.

The first is the total waste of money in rebuilding the schools.

What is wrong with, as Mr Powell suggests, of a refurbishment of the existing buildings, which were no doubt fairly solidly constructed.

If size is a constraint, there is a simple solution. Limit the catchment area.

As regards to creating 40 car parking spaces,I thought that the future should be to discourage the use of cars.

The area is well served by public transport - it is not as if Stamford Park is miles out in the sticks! Perhaps this might encourage parents,and children to take up an old-fashioned idea of actually walking to school, which would tie in with limiting the catchment area.

As usual,Trafford Council shows a complete lack of forethought, and consideration for the environment.

As for £500k for pre-planning stage, what is it being done on, sheets of gold foil?

Plans for schools are hardly an unknown subject, and they must be 10-a-penny!

But no, Trafford likes to waste money on such schemes as this, and the Greenwood Street White Elephant, rather than spending it on decent roads, decent pavements, and a working drainage system. It would be an eye-opener if they could get some intelligent councillors, with sensible ideas, rather than the present bunch, who are a reflection on our education system.

David Olliver