Trafford Council is pressing ahead with its plans to demolish the existing Stamford Park schools.

Its report includes a sum of £500k for the design of the schools up to pre planning stage presumably post planning would be a similar figure.Quite a sum !

The report highlights that the a new school will be constructed on the adjacent field. The new school will require a greater footprint that the existing schools on a smaller site so inevitably the new school will extend to at least two stories high. Following the demolition of the existing schools the site would be converted into playing fields and car parking .

Previous reports have highlighted that 40 yes FORTY car parking spaces are to be created on the existing school site .

Surely rather than spending at least £500k on fees, demolishing the old schools simply to create a car park, a more sensible solution would be to simply spend the money refurbishing the existing schools.

Nigel Powell

Finchley Rd