How do we define what a role model is?

As children we look up to our parents, grandparents, relatives and teachers. As teenagers, we desire to be like our favourite celebrities, whether it be Kim Kardashian or Ariana Grande.

As adults, our opinions and viewpoints on the world are expected to have matured so that we may also set an example to the younger generations.

Is this the case though for everyone? It seems the real basis of role models is often forgot. Dictators across the globe brainwashing the young so that they may obey and admire them.

Celebrities with all their glitz and glamour attract instant attention wherever from the general public, and yet, hardly any then realise that the real celebs are in our communities. The people that brought you up well and those that supported you in school.

The friendly neighbours that offer to help you when you’ve had a bad day.

The groups that ensure your town prospers, either by organising events or even getting rid of litter off the streets. And last but not least, those who dedicate their heart and soul to charity work, volunteering and fundraising.

These are the people who give so much but do not expect anything in return and I truly admire them. Let’s consider this: Should we aspire to be like a celebrity or inspire the young through selfless acts such as devotion to others in where we live.