I WONDER if other users of the Metrolink system have noticed the deterioration of the service in the past few years?

It seems that there are constant problems with track and points,and breakdown of vehicles:could this be because it is run under the Aegis of AMEY, the company that appear to be "Jack-of-all-trades,and master of none", who are responsible for road and drain maintenance in Trafford.

No doubt AMEY would put forward the argument that the Metrolink service is more heavily used than when they first took over, but perhaps if they spent more money on engineers to maintain the track and vehicles,and less on Inspectors jumping on and off all the time, down time would decrease.

They would then say that this saves money by catching fare-dodgers, but that could be avoided by the simple expedient of making the system closed.

Anyone who uses the system between Dane Road and Old Trafford will know about poor trackwork:it is rather like a roller-coaster ride,without the benefit of seat belts!

Speaking to one of the drivers, he pointed out that the trackwork was done "on the cheap", and now this is beginning to show up.

It is noticeable that there are fewer problems on the track which was part of the original British Rail system,which was, of course, designed and engineered to carry much heavier vehicles.

Such vehicles would have "smoothed out" the ride between Dane Road and Old Trafford, so it was unnecessary to relay the track: LRT vehicles do not have the mass to smooth the ride,and this track should have be relaid years ago.

David Olliver