I READ the article on the proposed new school at Stamford Park and two things stuck me as being very bizarre.

These matters need to be addressed before there can be any discussion on a new school.

It is apparent that there have been no plans drawn up for the proposed new school.

Without even a basic plan how can Trafford Council state that the school will fit on the site?

You only need to compare the new school at Bowden Vale to the available plot ie, the existing school field to see how cramped the proposed new site would be.

As someone with over 30 years’ experience of working in the construction industry a basic building layout is the first task that should have been undertaken .

The second point is that the article made no mention that the construction of the new school will require the demolition of the existing school to create a playing field.

The existing school is over 100 years old and is a key element of the local environment.

Surely demolition of this much loved local landmark will not be permitted.

Nigel Powell

Finchley Road