WITH the visit of the President of the USA, the overdue demise of the Remainer Mrs May the issue of Brexit, which is as big an issue that our nation has faced since we entered WW2 then created the Commonwealth is high profile again.

Our people are not used to being consulted and much has happened below the radar and Donald Trump has stated clearly that a trade deal between our two great nations can happen in weeks.

I am among a group of Brexiteers. We do not have cloven hooves, horns out of our heads, are multi faith and of no faiths and no silver spoons but are educated, passionate about people of all ages in our nation, support freedom across Europe and the Commonwealth and have wisdom and selflessness.

We are northerners who want to see our great cities are once again at the heart of world trade, enterprise and invention and a place where all can achieve and have the opportunity to do so.

We would be happy to answer any questions and I suspect that people will be inspired by the work that we have done and are still doing in fighting for accountability and transparency in government at all levels and the non xenophobic pride we have in our nation.

I am fluent in French having been educated in Paris, have close friends from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and across Europe and the world and mentor (accompanied) a Christian young lady from Ghana who is pro Brexit too.

We want a full Brexit but we want our people to not be divided afterwards.

We are free thinkers and there is a combination of talents on the table and this could be a moment when people see real people, with knowledge and all who have grafted, some who have served, come together but approach Brexit and what it means in different ways; we have no censorship within our group.

I feel that the time is right for Christian, Jewish, Muslim and atheist men and women who believe in our people, are proud of our history to have the chance to be counted.

Peter Booth