WHEN last in power, in Trafford, the Conservative administration decided to close the very popular George Carnall Sports Centre.

They lost the last local election partly due to the efforts of local people campaigning to keep it open. It was most certainly an important local issue, and still is.

Since getting into power the Labour administration have at least said that they will try to keep it open, if possible, and the campaigning goes on to ensure that is ultimately the case.

At a consultation meeting, well attended by local people at the sports centre, it was noticed that several locally well-known Conservative politicians were standing by a “Save Our Sports Centre” poster, having photographs taken and having the audacity to ask people there why the Labour-run Council were closing it?

That is offensive, and I say that as a normal Conservative voter, as it was the Conservatives who voted to close it even though the, then, Labour Opposition supported keeping it open if at all possible. The Conservatives rejected several appeals against the closure before they were defeated at the last local elections. Is it any wonder people have such disdain for politicians these days?

Philip Codd