I was so disappointed to note the recent local election results whereby Broadheath Ward lost its Conservative seat, previously held by Stephen Anstee, to Labour.

Notwithstanding the poor turnout of 4 0per cent – sadly replicated across much of England – in my view, this outcome undervalues all the hard work undertaken by Cllr Anstee, from the very moment he took office in May, 2015.

Although a new councillor then, Stephen tackled a very complex situation representing me and the local community where I live - which is still ongoing four years later.

This mostly consisted of him having to take to task council officials who had made mistakes and did not take kindly to being challenged and corrected.

In turn, I learned a lot about how councils procrastinate and obfuscate in the hope that the “problem” it itself has created will just go away.

This came as quite a shock, given it is the people of Trafford who pay the salaries of these administrators, but is useful knowledge going forward.

So, a first question for any of my three Labour councillors, who I had planned to meet imminently now we have no Conservative representation.

According to the Trafford website, none of you hold surgery sessions. Optional I know but why is this, given they offer the best opportunity to meet the people you represent? I do hope, over time, that Broadheath does not come to regret voting in a single-party trio, despite the fact Labour now has overall control of the council.

Stephen, you were fantastic. Communicative, supportive and always professional.

You achieved a great deal, not only with our particular problem but across the entire Ward. You will be very much missed and I thank you for your commitment to all residents, whether they were aware of it or not, over the last four years.

Lynne Morris

Rothesay Crescent