It was good to see Scipio Stretus supporting the Timperley Wedge against development.

The long term development threat seems to extend to the entire green area of TW and Davenport Green.

If HS2 comes to town, there is a plan for a station to serve Manchester Airport. Anyone with any common sense would expect this to be where the existing trains are, eg in a tunnel underneath these trains with stairs and escalator access. HS2 is planned to tunnel under south Manchester suburbia anyway, so a station stop in a tunnel should be easy - surely far easier than London's very complex Crossrail.

But no, if you hunt very carefully through HS2's maps, it eventually becomes apparent that this station will be on Davenport Green, well over a mile away from the existing station! This will mean getting it across the M56. I assume this location will be used to justify completing the Metrolink airport tram loop across Davenport Green, thus assisting development of the entire area.

At the moment this green area is helping to offset pollution emanating from the airport. It could also provide fresh locally grown food (not needing plastic packaging) to the local area, especially Wythenshawe, if our food supply systems were not so "locked up" in corporate hands.

This is all yet another example of large corporate business (aided and abetted by local government) casually disposing of our local environment for its own huge enrichment.

We need to change the way GDP is calculated. If a minus figure were put into the sums each time natural assets were destroyed, it would show a minus figure on many occasions, thus better reflecting wider reality and showing the damage done by certain types of economic development.

Peter Thompson

Oldfield Brow