I was not surprised by the desire of the National Union of Teachers to want no SATS and a maximum class size as they make life easier for them.

Classes should be led by inspirational teachers who know their subjects and learning should not be delegated to the bright child placed on every table who mentors their class mates. With access to the Internet all schools can link into the most inspirational teaching in the world.

Family allowance should be redirected to provide nutritious healthy food at schools every day of the year and in vacations in addition to sport, Duke of Edinburgh, Combined Cadet forces and cultural activities. Our very talented undergraduates can give master classes on subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, Oriental languages and classics. Such an approach will enable the young to be nurtured intellectually and healthily and enable all couples and single parents to create wealth knowing their children are safe and inspired. The schools should be open from 7.30 am to 6pm with free breakfasts, lunches, suppers and activities. Pastoral support from the churches and the Salvation Army will be crucial too; let us feed and inspire their brains and not just fill and indulge their bellies.

Peter Booth Hale

Former school governor, youth leader and member of Cambridgeshire’s LEA