SINCE the Labour council has been elected, I have this week received a survey regarding housing for the next five years.

I was apparently selected at random. It is 31-page booklet to be completed and relates to the support I might require over the next five years. It also asks for my gross income.

This is none of their business. How on earth can you say what requirements you may need that far in advance?

The information is a total waste of time and money. A Housing Consultancy has been appointed to carry out this survey which must be costing an arm and a leg and which we as tax payers are having to foot the bill for.

The Borough is desperate for the roads to be resurfaced due to the number of potholes which are existing and causing a safety hazard. The council is planning to regenerate Sale town centre which, if we had a surplus of money would be very nice but surely not a priority.

I believe this council should reconsider its priorities and not squander away our well earned money.

SM of Sale