FURTHER to the article Plans to transform Stretford town centre, it would be interesting to know where Trafford Council considers this to be.

More than 20 years ago at meetings with the councillors, they decided it would be on the banks of the Bridgewater Canal under the bridge where an iron structure was placed.

Now it seems to be in White City in Old Trafford.

Meanwhile, the old village atmosphere of Stretford has been totally wiped out with nothing to replace it, except for the wonderful work done by volunteers at the Public Hall and in Longford Park.

Discussions also took place many years ago about the old Essoldo Cinema ­— still being discussed!

Isn't it about time money was spent in Stretford to give the many residents a decent shopping area, reasonable restaurants/pubs to visit in an evening and perhaps a few places of entertainment.

The tatty flats in Edge Lane corner are a complete eye-sore and travellers through Stretford in Chester Road must think they are in a Third World area.

No wonder many residents here now go to Chorlton to spend their money!

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