AT a critical time when energy saving and reducing carbon levels is high on humanity’s agenda, this scheme is most welcome.

It demonstrates a will to respond to the ever-present threats to the safety of our planet.

The resulting achievement of providing safe and naturally induced power for up to 380 homes is truly fantastic and must be applauded and replicated wherever in the country it is practicable and feasible.

The threat of global warming to our planet is immense so for this ‘small’ scheme to be unanimously agreed upon is fantastic.

The rightful absence of any objections to the scheme reflect the mood and general understanding of the dangers to our planet that cannot be, indeed must not be, ignored.

Hopefully, the 380 homes to be built will deliver ‘affordable’ homes for ‘local buyers’ as they are the ones most in need.

I commend Renewables First for its well considered and thoroughly researched initiative.

I am sure The Messenger will monitor and regularly report on the progress of the development and its successful culmination.

Stan Nagel