I READ the article Bridge to link town and park, (March 21) and a question was asked what do you think.

I think that work is also required to the paths that run under the canal bridges, just off the TPT, not far from Hawthorn Road, not too far from Stretford Cemetery.

The path gets flooded even in light rain, I don’t think too much work would be required.

Would be great if that could get done ­— it is used by lots of walkers, runners, cyclists and it’s so muddy and waterlogged there, it’s really bad.

Also, the Parkrun path from Mersey Valley visitor centres along the river Mersey is more or less rubble on the first section.

The Parkrun is absolutely fantastic and this would be a big improvement.

I’ve written to Trafford Council about both of these and received a message to say it’s not Trafford which is responsible, but didn’t say who is.

Are you able to help or advise who is responsible? I’d be very grateful to have a response, or any help.

I have used Sale Water Park for more than 25 years as a walker, runner and cyclist.

It’s such a fabulous place, any improvements are welcome.

Name and address supplied