I AM a Christian and am proud to be British and studied history at Manchester Grammar and Durham University. Though mistakes were and will always be made, I am proud of what the UK did for people in the former empire which we made into a Commonwealth.

In Europe, for centuries we went in, dealt with dictators and then left.

People forget the increasingly important role of the Commonwealth in these conflicts.

The immense bravery of the soldiers from the Indian sub continent, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa, West Indies, Pacific islands and elsewhere of all colours and creeds were crucial in winning both world wars; we did not stand alone because the Commonwealth was with us.

To reflect the new world order, I feel that the UK's permanent seat at the UN should initially be UK led, but embrace the Commonwealth and that would reflect the real world, show gratitude and respect and allow the best to play their part on the global stage.

Let us use this time of democratic disorder to create a fairer and safer way forward.

Let us be inspired by Mothering Sunday to nurture all of the Commonwealth peoples and work together for a safer tolerant world.

Peter Booth