WHY condemn Shamima Begum?

Why do women sell their children and their bodies? For ‘the love of money’, or for survival?

Doesn’t the Divine Law of Oneness dictate that, much the same as an abusive lifestyle eg alcohol/drug abuse, and fast-food/junk-food abuse, has a destructive effect on children/women/men's life-support systems, and indeed an animals?

In the case of the death of Shamima Begum’s innocent three-week-old son, hasn’t the UK government also committed a ‘racist atrocity’?

That is, left him in poverty, to die of pneumonia. What’s the logic? Nip terrorism in the bud? Why not nip tax evasion in the bud to cure poverty?

In a statement, the Home Office said: “The government has consistently advised against travelling to Syria.” Hasn’t the UK government also consistently advised against exceeding speed limits (Maximum Not Minimum) for 'infinitely' longer? How long? Enough to raise global temperatures to a lethal/terrifying degree?

And, isn’t it the case that poverty and global warming has killed a billion times more innocent children than terrorism?

If Shamima Begum, naïve at the age of 15, committed a crime, then hasn’t every so-called civilised child also committed one, for being ‘brain-washed/driven’ by super-fast social media, (Facebook/Instagram) to self-harm (slash wrists and crash cars); become obese off fast-junk food; ‘agree’ to be groomed for sex; consume alcohol/drugs, and become unmarried mothers?

Hence, if terrorists are guilty of atrocities, who’s guilty of causing climate change?

Isn’t the love of money, the most destructive force on Earth ­— our home?

Will it drive us to extinction?

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