IT comes as no surprise that the writer who eulogises Corbyn, does not append a name, for who would own up to such rubbish?

With regard to Corbyn and his support for a Palestinian State, why is it that left-wingers, violently opposed to European Colonialism and its aftermath, are quite happy to support Arab colonialism?

That is, in fact, the reason that there are Arabs in Palestine.

They were there as a result of invasion by the hordes from the Arabian Peninsular after the destruction by the Romans, of what had been the old Kingdom of Israel.

London has a large population of Bangaladeshis ­— would Corbyn consider this a justification for giving them their own state?

The whole point of the Balfour Declaration was not the creation of a new state, but was the restoration of what had been the old Kingdom of Israel, which had been destroyed by the Romans and Arabs.

As to Corbyn's ideas on economics,those are the ideas of Marxist-Leninist policies,which have always resulted in failure.

It is one of those theories which does not work in practice because it assumes every person is going to work for the benefit of everyone else.

Okay, in an ideal world, but life is not like that ­— it is every man for himself, like it or not!

Those who worked and had mortgages and salaries during the mid '60s and the '70s will recall the benefits of the "socialist utopia" under Wilson and Callaghan ­—rampant inflation, soaring wage demands from powerful unions, and exchange control limits.

Under Corbyn, all this would quite likely return.

The fact is that Corbyn appeals to those voters who have not lived through that sort of period, when your money lost, on average, about 10 per cent of its value every year.

This was fine if you were a miner, a docker, a power station worker, whose powerful unions got wage rises above 10 per cent, but the average worker would get five to seven per cent if lucky, which meant that as years went by, although you had rises, your salary was in fact being eroded by 30 to 50 per cent.

The fact is that the money to pay for a socialist utopia comes out of the pockets of the man in the street ­— the very wealthy have, by that time, moved their money into safe havens, as they did before!

Name and address supplied needs to get in touch with the real world and stop listening to Corbyn garbage!

David Olliver