HAVING politicised the leadership of the council's senior officers, Cllr Western is now trying to take the green agenda whilst purporting to be the champion of business, despite his plans to increase council tax, and portray himself as a prudent manager of the public budget.

Utter nonsense.

People have responsibility for their own actions and most of the waste in green bins should be composted in one’s own garden, or if one lives in a flat, a communal compost section that can be used to enrich our soil.

A vibrant town can be destroyed by car parking charges which is a stealth tax and literally drives people to out of town shopping areas whilst villages and town centres suffer which means that those with disabilities and the elderly have no access to shops or social engagement.

The parking in Hale outside the village centre is blocking pavements and damaging footpaths, so I would support free parking in all of our towns to support our businesses and accessibility to the commercial and retail centres.

Cllr Western should remember that councils are there to serve, encourage and enable opportunity, enterprise, prosperity and compassion rather than impose the will of a group who seem to resent achievement and want to prevent social mobility, advancement and in equipping people to make dreams a reality; welcome to grammar schools and streaming.

I suggest Cllr Western goes and talks to the Mad Hatter in his fictitious wonderland.

Peter Booth