I WOULD like to thank the very pleasant gentleman that I met on February 14 in the car park of the Tesco Extra in Altrincham.

After a tough day at work, I rushed to Tesco to grab some provisions.

In my hurry, I unwittingly parked my car too closely to the adjacent vehicle in the car park.

As I returned to my car, my heart sank as I saw a gentleman waiting in front of the car adjacent to mine and I realised what I’d done. I braced myself for a torrent of abuse.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when my profuse apologies were met with a calm, friendly response of, “Don’t worry about it ­— have a nice evening.”

It was so refreshing to be accepted as a human, capable of error, and forgiven for my thoughtless act.

So, thank you whoever you may be, you really are a gentleman.

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