I UNDERSTAND that outsourcing can be a challenge, especially when it is tied up with the spend, spend, spend Labour councils.

Governments at all levels are not bank managers or venture capitalists because they are there to provide excellent services to the people and create an environment which is low tax with minimum regulation and has a well-educated local workforce which Conservative-led Trafford has done.

I was therefore appalled by the plans to pump hundreds of millions into the commercially successful Manchester Airport that was well able to look after itself.

The Brown disaster in forcing RBS to make uneconomic loans and his shoring up of that bank, HBOS and Northern Rock and almost destroying Lloyds TSB in the process epitomises the Labour approach to economic interference.

If you want to know where your High Street branch is now, ask Gordon Brown.

Socialism destroys enterprise, suppresses opportunity, makes us feel guilty about being British and fails to serve the people and especially the most vulnerable.

We must let enterprise flourish and prosper as free people in a tolerant society which is based on our Christian and Jewish principles.

Peter Booth