AFTER reading last week's Messenger, I would like to add to all that has been written and said about this problem.

A simpler method to abolish the traffic jams at this bridge would be to follow the example from the bridge over the River Seven, where one way is free.

Or used to be ­— I’ve not been that way for a long time!

For example, the traffic going North would simply drive through with out stopping at all.

Even annual passes would require cars to be checked.

Result? No queues at all.

The charge could be recouped by charging 25p on the cars going South.

The operator collecting the fees could then concentrate on this side only, and the change when required would not even involve pence.

If there were still slight delays going South, these would back up over the bridge with less inconvenience to residents.

I could add that a sign well in advance showing the charge is long overdue.

Roger Budenberg