IT is of paramount importance that those in office know that it is the people’s money and not their own that they are spending.

Yes, some Conservative administrations have got it wrong ­— never in Trafford though ­— but Labour’s control at national and local level has been a disgrace.

Cllr Western and Cllr Cordingley behave in type by raiding reserves, spending tax payers' hard-earned money, as if it grew on trees, with no concept of economic reality and how to inspire businesses and people with efficient services and a low tax regime.

If every household that overspent and expected more money to be handed out like sweets those who have grafted and saved and those providing public services, raising families and running businesses will lose out.

Yes, the public services are at most in peril because of Labour’s wasteful spending and yet they claim to be their champions.

Utter nonsense. Brown sold our assets with PFI, drove businesses away with higher taxation and regulation, indebted students for studying degrees they often did not need instead of excellent primary and secondary education which they did, as Trafford provides.

Cllrs Western and Cordingley are following suit ­— local schools, businesses, care homes, the environment and families beware because they are emptying the coffers with alarming speed and then they will be after yours.

Peter Booth