THIS week, love is in the air. We have our Valentine's Day. The day of love and romance.

Each Valentine's Day I'm reminded of my wedding day and I always think of Valentine's Day as another wedding anniversary. A day to celebrate our union as man and wife.

I'm a bit of an old romantic myself. You can probably tell that by my choice of music.

I love all the romantic ballads of Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, Dean Martin and Matt Monro, etc.

I actually recorded one of my favourite romantic ballads And I Love You So, by Perry Como.

My version of the song was then played as my Val walked down the aisle at our wedding. See, I told you I was an old romantic!

You can hear my version on the music page of my website

Although Valentine's Day is the day of love, that doesn't just mean love between husband and wife, it is simply to celebrate love in all its forms. It's love for your family and friends, too!

One year, I remember seeing a woman who was single with her mother who was widowed enjoying a lovely Valentine's Day meal together at a venue I was performing at. That was true love.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day whoever you choose to share it with.

Reading your comments from last week’s column, I see you have spotted me on television in the new Paddy Power commercial.

Although a lot of my scenes were cut in the final edit, as so often happens in a quick 60-second commercial, I was absolutely thrilled to be cast by Martin Gibbons, one of the top casting directors in the country and to have the experience and great pleasure of working with the fantastic director Peter Cattaneo, who you may know as the director of the hilarious British classic film The Full Monty.

I've had some great feedback from it and it has put me on the radar of other interested casting directors!

Onwards and upwards for my acting!

See you next week!