THOUGH, as a former councillor, I understand the comments about Sean Anstee made by David Olliver (Opinion, January 31), I have to disagree with him when he says this young, talented banker who led Trafford so well, does not deserve public accreditation for his devoted work as leader of Trafford Council.

We have to remember that in a terrible post-Blair and Brown economic environment and the massive burdens placed on local public service with little financial support, Sean had to deliver the services that he was bound to by law and create a healthy financial position for the future; he has achieved all of those.

Altrincham town centre is a beacon and a role model for the UK in the regeneration of towns, the education is first class and he was able to build reserves for the future which Labour is now spending like Billy Bunter in a sweet shop.

Yes there are pot holes, but the UK spends 25 per cent of its VAT and also monthly subsidies to pay for roads, schools, hospitals and apprenticeships in the EU and that money will come home soon. Hale and Altrincham are also built on a myriad of culverts coming down from Bowdon hill so things are not always what they appear. I have disagreed with Sean on occasions, but we share a common belief in effective and efficient local services that are there for the people and he has been a national role model in making that happen.

Peter Booth