I WAS shocked and appalled to read your front-page story "How Clean Is Your Takeaway" in the January 17 edition of the Messenger.

The Food Standards Agency and Trafford Council Food Safety Officers work tirelessly on our behalf to ensure that the takeaway food which we purchase (most of the time at hiked-up prices) are prepared in as clean an environment as possible.

It should be made law, that all this type of establishments, should have to clearly display their Food Hygiene Rating in their window.

This would enable potential customers to make an informed choice of whether they wish to patronise that establishment or not.

Anyone not clearly displaying their rating should face a hefty fine.

Maybe then they would get the message that their profits are less important than people's health.

It would be interesting to see if the kitchens in their own homes are filthy, cockroach or vermin infested.

I think not!

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