THE Prime Minister will fall soon.

The people voted for Brexit because they wanted a government that was accountable to them.

Westminster, which has some semblance of control of only 40 per cent of our laws, is behaving like a puppet of the EU.

We have had 30 months of planning for Brexit and the Prime Minister has given everything away and tried to be all things to all people yet is offering the worst of all worlds to everyone.

How many people know that our armed forces have the EU flag on their shoulders? How many people know that 25 per cent of VAT goes to the EU? How many people know that in 1980 the EU created 34 per cent of the world’s wealth, but in 2017 it was down to 21 per cent?

How many people know that for every £1 we export to the EU we import £2? How many people know of the huge trade tariffs placed on our Commonwealth friends with whom we can only trade on EU rules? How many people know that the economies of Eastern EU members are being destroyed because their educated workforces are coming to the UK to do jobs well below their skills but pay more than if they stayed at home and help cause unemployment, suppress wages and create housing shortages for our poorer and elderly people?

This is not party political nor is it anti European but it is about respecting the sacrifice of our people who gave us freedom, make parliament accountable, courts just and giving our young people and businesses a global market to achieve in and contribute to.

I am proud of our history, proud to be British, proud of our Commonwealth and want all of our people to have the opportunity to feel the same and be free.

Peter Booth