I WAS disappointed by the comments made in the letters page of January 10 criticising everything about the local NHS, especially when some were not prepared to disclose their name, just their opinions.

I am a member of Blesma and am under the direct care of consultants at Wythenshawe.

In March, 2017, I checked into A&E, was on a trolley in 45 seconds, and the doctor was with me 15 seconds later.

I spent nine nights in isolation with epilepsy, meningitis, pneumonia, heart attacks and six deep-seated infections.

Only a major hospital with multiple specialist teams of doctors and nurses can deal with A&E in a world of complex medical treatments.

Altrincham General Hospital could never have all of those resources on site, yet provides an excellent minor injuries, blood testing and X-ray services which help local GP practices with clinical diagnostic support and takes pressure off Wythenshawe and Trafford General hospitals, which also work closely in an efficient integrated way with the Manchester and Salford teaching hospitals.

It also provides excellent on-site outpatient clinics where leading specialists from our great regional teaching hospitals can see patients locally on conditions such as blood cancers, urology and all eye conditions.

Nothing will ever be perfect, yet the constant haranguing of our excellent NHS, which is the third highest funded public service in the world, where they have saved my life time and again, should be applauded.

Three weeks ago, I was ill and dialled 111. I was triaged within five minutes and within two hours a senior primary care clinician was at my home, examined me and did not just prescribe but gave me the appropriate strong antibiotics to clear the problem.

World class!

Peter Booth