I DO not know from where David Olliver has got his impressions of Altrincham Hospital ­— I cannot reconcile his description with the place I know first hand.

My husband attends the hospital for kidney dialysis three days a week.

One floor is dedicated to the treatment of 40 patients per day, six days a week.

This department is literally keeping people alive. In addition, both of us have seen consultants from MRI, vascular, eye, and renal departments.

There is a by appointment X-ray department, and hearing assessments.

We and friends have used the walk-in centre for minor ailments.

This relieves strain on GPs and A&E. All this in addition to the blood tests and physio department he mentioned.

Perhaps Mr Olliver should do more research before he makes cavalier assertions about turning the hospital into flats or offices, which in my opinion are not in short supply, many at present in development in the area.

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