HAVING read your editorial in January 3 about Altrincham Health and Wellbeing Centre, probably like many Trafford residents reading this article, I felt really enraged.

The hierarchy responsible at The NHS Services and Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group for this catastrophic debacle should hang their muddled heads in shame and be shown the nearest exit door as they are clearly incapable of such a vitally important undertaking.

Surely any business-minded major project leader/s carries out research on the need, the development and furnishing costs and the usual on-going financial repercussions such as rent, rates, heating, lighting, insurance, cost of appropriate fittings/equipment and staffing of the end product well in advance of committing to an obviously expensive and critically important development in order to ensure its long term affordability and viability. Even to factoring in potential extraneous developmental expenditure.

It’s often said about large and complex projects that they will take a third longer to complete and cost three times as much than anticipated.

The Greater Manchester Health and Care Partnership pressed ahead considering its importance to the Trafford community.

There is evidently a strong demand for such facilities, otherwise why devote time and money to a project if it wasn’t?

Instead, yet more commercial office space could now be provided­— as if there wasn’t enough already!

And now the TCCG will embark on commissioning an expensive review to examine how this came about.

I have one inexpensive answer for them ­­—incompetence!

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