IT seemed a curious decision some years ago to build a medical centre in Greenwood Street, when Altrincham already had just built such a facility ­— Altrincham Hospital.

Looking at the matter realistically, what is laughingly called a hospital, is in reality a medical centre.

There are no physicians or surgeons on site, there is no MRI or CT scanning equipment, no A&E, no operating theatre.

In short, all that is available there are blood tests and physio, which can be provided at local surgeries.

Even simple procedures, such as podiatry and ear care are not available.

To get these done on NHS, entails a trip to Meadway, in Sale.

To me, the obvious solution would be to make the medical centre into Altrincham Hospital, shifting all local practices there, and providing facilities that would relieve the pressure on Wythenshawe.

The existing "hospital" in Stamford New Road could then be sold off for use as offices, or maybe even converted into apartments, which are in great demand in this area.

The unfortunate thing is that local councils have very little imagination, beyond their own image.

David Olliver