LAST week’s story on the possible closure of George Carnall gave the impression that the campaign group had all but given up on trying to save it from closure.

That is a surprise to us, as nothing could be further from the truth and we will fight on.

The community is still understandably outraged at the total disregard that Trafford Leisure has shown to them, mainly the fact that there was never any

consultation and nobody given the opportunity to voice their concerns about its closure.

To this day, we have never been given a satisfactory explanation as to why, when the government is forever advocating the need for people to be more active, they then choose to go completely against this policy.

Because of this we feel that it’s about time that representatives from Trafford Leisure step up to the plate and attend a meeting with members of the community who wish to have their say on these proposals.

We will be inviting Trafford Leisure along to a venue which will be determined in the New Year

Mike Reavy

Save George Carnall Campaign Group