I READ the article in last week’s edition of the Messenger with interest.

I live in Davyhulme Road, opposite Davyhulme Golf Club and over the autumn/winter period we have no end of fallen leaves from the vast amount of trees that border the road and a great many end up on my property.

If the council/Amey did what they say they do, then fair enough, but I can tell you that not once has a leaf clearing operation taken place on the opposite side of the road from the golf course.

Consequently, this year, the mains drains are constantly blocked so when it rains there are huge flooded areas, thus creating their own hazard!

Furthermore, I do pay £35 per annum for my green bin to be emptied, but I would need a minimum of four green bins per week over the autumn/winter period purely to handle the issue of the leaves!

Very easy for someone from the council to make this kind of comment when they don’t live with the reality of the problem.

Michael Edmond