I READ with interest your article based on comments from One Trafford and Amey and how they are working seven days a week to clear the leaves.

All that I can say is that if the programme ends in December, then I hold out no hope for them clearing Urmston and Davyhulme.

A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about the fact that leaves from 2017 had not been properly cleared and that as a result four out of five grids were blocked in my locality and had been for so long that plants were growing out of them.

This situation has not changed, except that with every heavy rainfall, the roads and pavements develop very large puddles sometimes encompassing the whole pavement.

When I walk around the area now, specifically, Bowfell Road, Canterbury Road, Davyhulme Road, Bowers, Cornhill Avenue, Cornhill Road, Hayeswater Road, and surrounding streets and roads, the pavements gutters and drains are full of wet, compressed and rotting leaves and I suspect will still be come the new year.

I would imagine that one of the excuses will be not being able to clear them because of parked cars ­— not a valid excuse as far as I am concerned since use of advanced warning and traffic cones for a 24-hour period would resolve the problem.

However, where all of the hospital staff would park could prove interesting.

Perhaps One Trafford and Amey could negotiate with Trafford General to resolve that one, albeit temporarily.

As a resident of Urmston, I am fed up with this neighbourhood being treated as second class and coming at the back of the queue for services available.

I was hoping that with the change in council leadership would come change for the better. How naïve I must be.

And if more evidence were needed, just look what is happening to George Carnal Leisure Centre and what has already happened to William Roe golf course.

Ivan Taylor

Cornhill Road