I RESPOND to the letter from Ivan Taylor, of Urmston (Time to clean up Amey contract, November 8.

I fully endorse Mr Taylor's criticisms of both Amey and Trafford Council.

I add to the duties that should be performed by Amey and are not with regard to tree maintenance.

There are a vast number of very mature trees lining our roads and they need to be monitored, pruned/pollarded on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, they are allowed to grow freely and become dangerous to public and property.

I have a huge lime tree outside my home.

It is the most filthy of trees that relentlessly spews stick sap on to my car in the driveway and on to the windows. Its roots are beginning to distort my front boundary wall which will, in time, have to be rebuilt.

Three times I have paid expensively to clear the roots that blocked and damaged the drains.

Although the tree is on the public highway, I have to pick up the tab for repairs to the damage it causes.

On the question of leaves. In the autumn, I personally regularly clear the fallen leaves from the front as well as from the drain.

I don't mind doing so for my own benefit as well as to avoid any flooding from potentially blocked drains. Maybe other residents too would, health permitting, do likewise.

Equally, the same applies to plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, etc. I pick these up too when I walk my dog Bonnie the Beardie, and bin them.

Just because we pay council tax doesn't absolve us from doing our own thing for our benefit and the benefit of others, does it?

We all have a responsibility.

Stan Nagel