AS one of the Labour party speakers at the Say No to Anti-Semitism’ rally in Manchester on Sunday, I read Pia Feig’s letter Challenging anti-Semitic perception (Your Letters, September 13) with dismay.

To suggest that anti-Semitism is exaggerated, or emanates largely from the alt right, is lazy, offensive and wrong.

Just this summer we saw the Jewish cemetery in Urmston vandalised, and Jewish children in parts of Manchester require protection to go to school.

To state that those of us who attended Sunday’s rally to demonstrate our solidarity with our Jewish friends and neighbours are creating division is shocking and shameful, belittling the abuse Jewish people experience every day.

The real division is being sown by those, not least in my own party, who seek to downplay or excuse anti-Semitic behaviour, or ascribe hidden motives to those who speak out.

I will always be proud to speak up for my Jewish sisters and brothers.

I was honoured to have the chance to do so, in the presence of the Chief Rabbi, on Sunday afternoon.

Kate Green

MP Stretford and Urmston