I NOTE that the new Labour councillor for Brooklands tries to inject a record amount of vitriol into his reply to my earlier letter. This is not the way local politics has been performed in Trafford up until now, but I fear that it is the sign of things to come.

After all, now that Jeremy Corbyn’s Momentum has become involved locally, we should expect things to be different.

In terms of the council’s finances, I stand by the contents of my letter.

Interestingly, we see the Labour fanfare about £8 million for road repairs — all funding that was part of the Conservative budget which, ironically, Labour councillors voted against in February.

We see too that already the council is forecasting a budget overspend of over £1 million for the current year.

In fairness, perhaps it is too soon to point the finger at Labour largesse with council tax payers’ money for that situation, although I suspect that will come, but the overspend situation has to be addressed and quickly.

Momentum-style economics won’t resolve it.

It is time for real world financial measures to get Trafford’s budget back on track.

Cllr Mike Whetton

Ashton upon Mersey Ward