THE Army in particular has undergone massive changes to its historic county-based structure and, with fewer soldiers, is still the equal of any in the world.

Across the armed forces, the officers and senior NCOs are trained to manage a multiplicity of units from medical care, policing and transport to engineering, signals and combat.

The senior officers combine the skills to make all three services work together.

Sadly, despite the courage of many in the police and fire and rescue services, that integration does not exist and the absence of a true officer group and an historic constable or sergeant set up needs to be radically changed.

I would suggest that for the safety of our people and those who bravely serve, police and fire and rescue services should mirror Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force ones, who should oversee the training and that a military commander is in charge of each area and sack all of the police commissioners, too.

Peter Booth