THERE have been 14 consecutive years of budget surpluses under Trafford’s Conservatives.

The spotlight on Labour’s performance might be dazzling for them.

The closing accounts for Trafford Council under Conservative control gives a further handover boost to Labour in the form of more cash in the town hall coffers.

A budget surplus of £2.75 million is reported in the year end accounts — even after spending an extra £1.9 million in adult services where demand had increased.

The surplus monies will be available for Labour to use in the current year or to bolster next year’s budget.

The outgoing Conservative administration of Trafford Council left several more things in place in the 2018/2019 budget that are set to benefit residents.

First example — parking charges for the main town centre council car parks and meters now offer a 20p charge for 30 minutes parking to help those who need a brief period of parking to do a quick errand or shop purchase.

Secondly, more funds were put in place to deal with pot holes and road repairs.

A fund of more than £30 million, made up of revenue and capital monies plus government grants is in place for repairs to roads and street lighting. ‘About time’ some might say but, of course, it will now be up to the Labour councillors to decide where it is to be spent!

Furthermore an additional £6 million is earmarked for adult care in the current budget year.

Care is a significant part of the council’s spending and this extra cash is an important boost for adult care needs in Trafford.

There is also a multi-million pound scheme of refurbishing and rebuilding Trafford’s Leisure Centres already underway.

Work has started in Urmston.

Planning of a scheme for Sale Leisure Centre has commenced.

Proudly for our borough, a university is coming to Trafford. Unless Labour hostility drives it away, there will soon be a university campus based at the former Kellogg’s building, next to Lancashire Cricket Club, boosting the local economy hugely and enhancing the stature of Trafford.

All this and Trafford still has the lowest council tax in the North West — for now!

Cllr Mike Whetton

Ashton upon Mersey Ward