THE Prime Minister’s announcement of an extra £20 billion a year cash injection for the NHS will, I’m sure, be welcomed across our region.

Our health service, the envy of the world, was born in the North West when the first hospital offering free healthcare for all opened in Trafford 70 years ago.

As Theresa May said, nothing matters more to the British people than our health service.

We need to know that it, in times of need, it is there for us and by investing in the NHS we will ensure it is there for generations to come.

The funding, amounting to about £400 million more a week in real terms, will come in part from money no longer going to the European Union and in return the NHS will be asked to produce a 10 year plan for the future.

This is vital as we are all living longer there are more demands on the NHS.

More staff are being recruited, but, as the Prime Minister said, these dedicated doctors and nurses are often let down by waste and bureaucracy that drain resources that should go to the front line.

With a plan in place, alongside this funding we will ensure we have an NHS fit for the future.

Stephen Woods


Wythenshawe & Sale East

Conservative Association &

Area Officer Greater Manchester Conservatives