MY letter Keep politics out of schools, June 7, was addressed to the heads of six Ashton on Mersey schools.

I did not criticise any of the schools (indeed we sent our children to three of them) so was surprised to be labelled a “school critic”.

I merely asked the Ashton Heads to reflect on their support of events used by Ashton on Mersey Conservative councillors as propaganda, especially given that Ashton on Mersey is a very marginal ward.

I expected a reply neither from the Conservative Party, nor from a resident of Hale, it being so far from Ashton ward.

I was therefore taken aback by the tone and content of Peter Booth’s School critic must do better letter.

Apart from being “staggered by my one-sided ineptitude", Mr Booth’s letter was mainly about selective education, which I had not mentioned.

I welcome Mr Booth's challenge to debate, but believe that there are local people such as TRIES (Trafford Residents for an Inclusive Education Service) whom I am sure would not only welcome a debating platform on this issue, but would have the knowledge of and expertise in education to debate it much more comprehensively than I possibly could.

I hope this intervention does not deflect from Ashton Heads considering and acting upon my request that they withdraw their children from events used for political ends.

Mike Milligan

Kings Road