PETER Booth (Your views, June 14) lauds the grammar school system, but gives no evidence to support his case (and perhaps demonstrates social deficiencies in his Manchester Grammar School education by the use of such intemperate language).

Recent research by University College London shows that grammar school pupils gain no social or emotional advantages by age 14 over children who do not attend a selective school.

Another study led by King’s College London showed that the difference in performance on GCSE results between selective schools (private and grammar) and comprehensives was almost entirely explained by differences in the ability and family income of the pupils.

To put children (and their parents) through the trauma of examinations at age 11 is entirely unjustified by the results of such a divisive policy.

The new administration in Trafford should follow the sensible policies of most of the country and do all it can to remove its selective system and introduce proper comprehensive education for all children.

Martin Wright