I WAS staggered by the one-sided ineptitude of Mike Milligan’s letter criticising the Conservatives from putting politics into schools.

Conservative-run Trafford has created the best selective and non-selective state schools in the country.

It was Labour with its public school Lib Dem lap dogs that destroyed opportunity for all with its comprehensive schools and dumbing down of education and removed pride in our great nation’s history and created a false sense of guilt in our country and its past.

I am involved in politics because I believe in freedom, which is also why I joined the Army.

I suggest that left-wing unpatriotic propagandists who share that Socialist creed of keeping people in their place and patronising our nation get their facts straight in the future.

If he has the courage to debate with me in public on education anywhere, I will be there.

His call.

Peter Booth


(ex Stamford Park and Manchester Grammar scholar)