WHY doesn't Trafford Council plan ahead?

As a regular park user and dog walker, I am disgusted at the state of the local parks when we have a few days of sunshine.

A recent walk around Stamford Park in Altrincham over the weekend, left me amazed at the overflowing bins, litter spread across the park (blown from the bins) and general poor state of the park, including the two children's play area.

With medium range weather forecasts being so accurate, I am perplexed as to why Trafford Council doesn't increase resources for green spaces and parks, knowing full well that these areas will be busier than usual and additional emptying of bins and litter management will be required.

We only have a limited number of green spaces in the local area and I can't understand why the council is not doing the basics to ensure these are safe and enjoyable spaces for all to enjoy.

I have noted the council is promoting good health and exercise, but with the parks in the current state when the sun starts to shine, it would appear it is ignoring its own duty first.

I accept a counter argument, that park users could take their litter home, but if that was always the case, we wouldn't need any bins in the first place, so with the council providing them, it also needs to ensure they are emptied on a regular basis.

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