WHILE most of us enjoyed the sunshine over the Bank Holiday weekend, it was disappointing to note that Trafford Council had (again) not made any provisions for waste management for, what was obviously going to be a busy weekend across Altrincham.

A local resident was so disgusted at the amount of litter, that they took it upon themselves to litter pick Denmark Street, Lloyd Street and the hospital side of Railway Street on Bank Holiday Monday, resulting in two large bags of glass, glass bottles, takeaway cartons and general litter being collected.

The resident said they were a volunteer with the Our Altrincham group but didn’t want to be named, as the efforts of local volunteers are not just about one person.

They said Trafford Council has again let Altrincham down by not arranging a clean up after a busy weekend.

As well as being shocked at the volume of litter collected in just an hour from two or three streets, and I was more concerned at the amount of glass being taken from bars.

Glass bottles and broken glass are not just a litter issue, but more worryingly a potential hazard when you have late night revellers tanked up on alcohol, walking around with glass in their hands.

While Altrincham has many ambassadors who want to promote the local area, it is disappointing that these recurring litter issues are not noticed and relevant action is not being put in place.

Following the local elections, I am confident that the new councillors will take the required action to ensure that the town centre is enjoyed by all day and night.

Name and address supplied