NOT so many years ago, when Labour were in power, they soon started to try and scrap the Altrincham grammar schools and also wanted to sell off the Bowdon church school playing field to allow hundreds of houses to be built.

The building was eventually stopped only because Sally Dynever, from Coronation Street, and a few parents began protesting and even appeared on Breakfast TV.

Cllr David Acton came down to the school and was soon surrounded by placard-waving parents.

The Labour council also made sure that some very ugly buildings were left after they departed.

One of them an awful rusting hulk in Altrincham and also a very modern building in a Bowdon conservation area that even the architect was surprised got built.

Funding for Altrincham, Hale and Bowdon was stopped and Altrincham is only just recovering from Labour's time in office.

But we have now gone full circle because naive, idealistic voters prefer the Greens and Liberal Democrats, allowing Labour to get in by the "back door".

Those same voters would like their children to go to the grammar schools and for Altrincham to thrive, but I now doubt this will happen.

So, be very careful what you wish for!

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