RESIDENTS who live in Bentinck Road, Altrincham, are furious at feeling misled by Trafford councillors by believing that the road would be re-surfaced this March/April.

The reality of the re-surfacing turned out to be two short stretches completed three weeks ago — one area stopping a few feet short of a large pothole.

Householders, myself included, feel that the whole road and pavements need urgent attention, not to mention being properly cleaned.

Recently when questions about these concerns were raised with Cllr Angela Stoner, she promised to visit residents and take up their grievances with One Trafford.

On the evening of Tuesday, April 12, a bevy of Tory councillors did visit the road and spoke to some residents.

Three weeks down the line, there seems to have been little action with follow-up queries apparently being ignored.

The general feeling among residents is that the councillors' visit was no more than a canvassing exercise ahead of the election.

Louisa Reid

Bentinck Road Residents