I WAS born in Partington from a Salford family with parents who left school at 14 and 15 and have had the benefits of world-class education in Altrincham and Manchester and health care through the NHS which has been outstanding.

I am alarmed that the Labour Group in Trafford is Marxist Momentum supporters and does not believe in our nation, history, constitutional monarchy, freedom of thought, enterprise and opportunity.

Labour plans to stop selective education and make grammar schools comprehensive, which will hit the poorer members of our community most.

Such a policy will not just deny our young people from the best education, but will make Trafford a less-attractive place to live and do business and will cause a decrease in the value of houses and the loss of employment.

I am not from a silver spoon family, but we have all grafted for a better life for all.

Trafford is on a knife edge and a Marxist takeover will destroy the area.

I am not a member of a political party and will stay, but many will leave.

The people have the choice and that is democracy.

Peter Booth