RE Four Oaks Care Home, Partington (Messenger, April 12).

I write as the wife of a resident at this care home to tell you how upsetting it was to see the sensational headline on your article and for some inaccuracies in the text.

I am sure no relative would have been asked by staff to support their resident.

None of the units has a stove, simply a worktop area in the kitchen/dining room.

Publishing your report in April 2018, when that first CQC inspection was carried out in December and so many of the issues raised have since been resolved seems a little harsh and must be demoralising for staff.

Most relatives visit regularly and in many cases, like myself, that means daily, to be with our loved ones.

This is our choice as fellow carers and we have always been made to feel welcome by staff.

If we have any queries, the management team is always ready to listen and help.

I am glad that you quoted Ian Smallwood’s comments at the end of your piece — this would have been a better headline.

The management, nursing, carers, house keeping, and kitchen teams deserve some praise and support in recognition of their hard work over the past 18 months.

They really do care for the residents and support their families too.

Kay Younger

via email